Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts - [Taskmaster] The Most Expensive Fail Ship (Alpha 7.6)

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You are a junior Russian admiral tasked with building Russia’s first-ever Dreadnought battleships. The Tsar has demanded that they are to be the most expensive ships in the world. But you know the Tsar isn’t exactly an expert in naval architecture and your rival and the senior admiral is supposed to take command of these warships against the

Your fleet - Russia - 5 BB’s - 1915 tech

You must design a battleship that has at least 8 12” guns - though the Tsar would be more than happy for you to exceed this. The cost of the ship (as displayed in the ship designer) earns points as follows:

Most expensive ship - 4 points
2nd most expensive - 3 points
3rd most expensive - 2 points
4th most expensive/2nd cheapest - 1 point
Cheapest - 0 points

Then watch your rival take those 5 ships against 5 1915 tech German BB’s starting at 30000m. Watch with glee as his ships fail and sink! And they were the most expensive ships in the world! All his fault

You must play the battle as if you’re trying to win (no turning your guns off for instance) however you earn points based on the game time remaining according to the in-game clock once all your ships are sunk! (ie you want to be sunk as fast as possible)

Sunk the fastest - 4 points
Sunk 2nd fastest - 3 points
Sunk 3rd fastest - 2 points
Sunk 4th fastest/2nd slowest - 1 point
Sunk the slowest OR any admiral who sinks all the German BB’s - 0 points

The admiral with the highest combined total is the winner - meaning we won’t know who won until the day.

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