VALORANT LIVE INDIA | Will Be Back After 1 Week | Stay Tuned At !discord

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#valorantLive #shinobitaps #valorantindia
Streaming competitive games as well as some entertaining games to get some exposure and be a part of this huge gaming community.
Let's hope for the best and keep on grinding this competitive games.
!config !headsets !insta !pcspecs !monitor !gear !valorank !id !donations !discord

BHIM UPI- 9699722325@upi

-Bhavesh Poojary(Age 21)
-Thane, Maharashtra
-Final Year College Student(Bachelors in Computer Science)



Please do contact me on instagram if you think i used any of your content in the video and you want it to be fixed.
#CSGO #Valorant #PUBG #ShinobiTaps #IndianStreamer #AmongUs
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