VALORANT: The ULTIMATE Economy Guide! How the PROS Do It! (TSM VALORANT Guide, Tips and Tricks!)

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The COMPLETE VALORANT ECONOMY GUIDE to help new players learn how to use their economy like a Pro! What exactly does 'econning' mean? VALORANT operates on an economy-based system where you can purchase weapons, shields, and even character-based abilities. The in-game currency - known as credits or "Creds" - is instrumental for your success. However, if you haven't played before, managing your team's money may look tricky at first. Different amounts of credits are earned from round wins, losses, k1lls, spike plants, and defuses. There's a lot to keep track of, so we've made this video to make it easy for noobs to earn and use money in VALORANT to gain an edge.

0:10 - Guide overview of VALORANT Economy
0:47 - How VALORANT'S economy-based system works
1:04 - Winning vs Losing rounds and $$$ you earn
1:38 - Econning (Buying and Saving Strategy - VALORANT Tips)
2:30 - Full Buy
2:41 - Save (Full Eco)
2:58 - Force Buy
3:25 - What to do on the last round (Buyout)

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0:47 - How the Valorant economy-based system works
● Starting credits: 800
● K1ll bonus: 200
● Spike plant: 300
● Round win: 3,000
● 1-round loss: 1,900
● Up to 3 round loss streak: +500 for each additional loss in a row
● Round loss maximum (3 rounds): 2,900

1:04 - Winning vs Losing rounds and cash you earn
When you win one round, each member of your team will earn $3k straight. The first loss will earn your team $, but this sum will increase based on a series of consecutive loss streaks. In other words, two losses in a row will bring you $2400, while anything above three will grant your team $2900. That's the max you can earn, which is always $100 less of a round win.

Besides battles, you can earn credits other ways: planting the b0mb spike will earn your team $300 credits, and each k1ll gives you a flat rate of $200.

2:30 - Full Buy: buying full shields, all utility skills, and the best weapons possible.
When you buy heavy shields maxing out the utility on your respective agent and whichever weapon you deem necessary to win the round. A Full Buy cost around 4400 credits, so you're going to need at least 2x rounds before you can buy that.

2:41 - Save: not buying anything to save credits.
When you don't buy anything because your team is low on cash or you're saving money to do a Full Buy the next round.

2:58 - Force Buy: spending all credits in an attempt to win the round on a budget.
When things are looking dire, your credits are low, and you still want to mess up your enemy team's economy. You spend all or most of your money with the hopes of winning the round. This entails equipping with SMGs, light shields, and some utilities. Since you can see your enemy team's credits, a Force Buy will lead them to think you're going to save. Instead, you'll show up to catch them off-guard.

3:25 - Last Round Buyout: going all out of the final round, regardless of your current economy.
As the name suggests, you should buy everything you need without worrying. After this round, everyone's economy will reset to $800. So make sure to use it, or you'll lose it.


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